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Dear Reader,

Here’s an industry secret that most don’t want you to know:
Many supposed investment “experts” are actually journalists or online marketers.

To anyone with experience in professional money management, it's obvious that these self appointed gurus have acquired no real expertise, and do not have any real experience in allocating and managing capital.

I joke about it on twitter with fellow hedgies when I see the sensationalist headlines.
They typically have no money of their own on the line, and do not know what it is like to live in the real world of money management... where there are enormous consequences for getting things wrong.

They are not professional investors... they are professional publishers.

They find a sensational story and then, together with a formidable marketing team, package it up with some click bait, and sell it as hard as they can.

When (not if) an idea fails, or their predictions do not materialise, there are zero ramifications for them - they've already made their money by selling their product.
They don't have investors ringing them up asking to pull capital - the worst that will happen is a customer does not renew their subscription, which is already factored into their business plan.
Their objective is to sell subscriptions. Not to invest well.

That’s decidedly not how we do things.

Where they sell the sizzle, we sell the steak.

Over three years ago I walked away from running a successful Venture Capital business in order to dedicate my time, my extensive resources and my knowledge to finding asymmetric investment opportunities.
Given the interest from those around me, I started a fund aimed at positioning capital into investments that were uncrowded for now, but would soon see an influx of capital.

Why? Because I saw that due to the state of today's markets, this was not only where the most money was to be made...
It was also the strategy that exposed my hard earned capital to the least risk.

Unless you've been living in a cave for the last decade, you'll likely be aware, there are more imbalances in today's markets than at any point in our lifetimes.

I made a decision to concentrate all my energy into this one idea and nothing else, and I invested a lot of time and money into an analytical machine to help me identify - and execute on - the best investment ideas out there, built for this moment in history.

This is what members of Insider get - the very same opportunities accessible to a wider audience, allowing me to invest more into the research and make better decisions.

This is unusual in the "newsletter" industry. Many of my past clients and friends told me that I was nuts.

Then again, people also told me that in 2006, when I liquidated all my real estate investment business after making 64x returns in just a few years. If I had have listened to them and held on into 2007 and 2008... well, you know what happened there.

I see my investment research as a means of documenting what I’m personally doing… knowing how it can benefit my friends and clients, many of whom don’t have the $150k minimum to invest into my fund, but who can - and absolutely should - take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities that lay ahead of us.

Insider has been created for those who wish to gain exposure to ideas that can multiply their investment capital.

We're not talking 10% or 50% here and there. We're talking about targeting opportunities that will multiply our capital many times over.

The service is an annual subscription, which comes with a money back guarantee.

Will all my investments work out perfectly as predicted? Most likely not (if I was a publisher I would not be stating this!)

But here's the thing: when you're targeting these sorts of returns, it means that even if 1 out of 5 work out, you'll be very happy you joined.

Having said that, Insider is not for everyone. This game often takes patience and balls of steel great resolve.

But if nothing else, you can rest assured that I'm 100% committed to the investment recommendations I put out (investing in each and every idea), and treat my Insider members as I would the investors in my fund.

In other words, I have plenty of skin in the game.

Chris MacIntosh

Founder & Editor
​​​​​​​Capitalist Exploits Independent Investment Research

Founder & Managing Partner
​​​​​​​Glenorchy Capital

38 North Canal Road, Singapore, 059294
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